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Sheikh Abdallah Yerwama
My name is Sheikh Abdallah Yerwama, an APC Card Carrying member. Everything I say here is my opinion as a member of the party that uprooted the corrupt PDP that ruled this country since 1999.

We woke up two days ago to find out that the Borno State Government directed that the building which houses and popularly known as Premier Cinema be brought down and like a lightening, it was massively brought down under strict supervision of State officials and other security agencies.


Since the kick off of political dispensation in 1999, to the best of my knowledge, the Premier Cinema has always been either a campaign office to one political aspirant or the other.  Throughout the stewardship of Ali Modu Sheriff (Gwaska), he has always maintain that building as his political branch office despite its non functionality apart from his big portrait and that was how APC inherited the building and one of Buhari Organization's logo was painted on it.

I understand from reliable source that the said building belongs to the Late Umar Ali of blessed memory and now falls under the hands of inheritors who have been negotiating with the Borno State Government to buy off the property or at least hire the premises in whatever capacity.

I also gathered reliably that the family of Umar Ali are not satisfied with the manner in which the government is taking the situation and upon an offer to hire by Mamman Millionaire, a former Metropolitan Chairman, former Commissioner and foemer APC Chieftain the family obliged and deal sealed secretly.

On the other hand, I understand the Borno State Government has reached an advanced stage to out of symphaty to the family buy the said building, pull it down and replace it with a better option for the overall benefit of the people of Borno.

Out is symphaty? Yes, because according to the Ministry of Land and Survey, the land and property in question was granted as a commercial site and the law grants the occupier a 40 year term in which it will expire and requires Government re-grant which the family failed to apply for. 

So, when the newly illegal occupant took possession and starts to repaint it with PDP logo it caughts the attention of Government who swiftly directed the Police to stop further painting because the building in question is still a subject under Governments watch and interest. That was how the family was reached by the Government demanding why this sudden action despite the fact that Government is processing to compensate them for the property and they replied that it was a mistake and out of impatience - that was how the State Government to avoid any prolong dispute or any unnecessary court distraction as PDP is always known for pulled down the building and continued discussion behind closed door with the owners.


I am 38 years old and I have never watched any movie in that cinema, I have never attended any political gathering in that building, I have never attended any social gathering that tends to promote either unity or civic responsibility, but for a fact I know that politicians used the building to house and breed political thugs, drug peddlers and during the night harbors prostitutes and nothing else.

I am asking the above question because I have seen and read many posts on social media that Government has pulled down a monument!!!! Is premier cinema a monument? I don't think we will agree on the definition of a monument. If God wills, in the next 6 months of thereabout the State Government will construct a modern Tsangaya School or something similar at that location. With our children roaming the street begging, at least it will make some impact.

For me, Premier Cinema Building has never benefitted me and thank God that it is my party that will utilise the land for a better purpose and in the nearer future, we will be proud of this decision Insha Allah.

Thank you.

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Abdulhamid Al-Gazali
I am gonna come to this
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Jan 23
Toh.. Akwai aiki
Usman Abba Zanna
Abdulhamid Al-Gazali
I have benefited from the 120m paid for it